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Bangkok Adventures: Crab and Claw - New England Seafood at Siam Paragon

I love Bangkok, and I've been there so often that my friends have started coming to me for food recommendations in Bangkok. Also proof that I am a certified glutton. 

Crab and Claw is a relatively new establishment located in the food basement of Siam Paragon, also known as Singaporean's backyard playground. Crab and Claw serve up New England style seafood, which is still a rather new concept in Thailand. It's not cheap, because duh seafood, but there are still plenty of curious locals and tourists descending on the restaurant during peak hours. 


I believe that made this pasta with some high quality bisque or seafood stock because this dish is one hell of a UMAMI. It packed punch, and lots of it. It was fragrant and chocked full of flavours, it almost tasted like the ocean exploded in your mouth. And so much crab meat, that is fresh meat they took from the claws, so fantastic.

There are many mouth-watering dishes such as the rare wild Alaskan white king salmon (B780) served with confit cherry tomatoes and squid ink hollandaise, and char-grilled Spanish octopus tentacle (B650) served with roast garlic and chorizo-based sauce. They also offer seafood promotions from time to time like the Crystal Crab and the Alaskan King Crab. 

with corn, potato and chorizo

I know I know, it does look great, doesn't it! It also smelled fantastic, the buttery spices wafting. 
We couldn't wait to dig in. 

But as we soon found out, we were literally and figuratively digging in. 
and in. 
and in somemore. 

Until we stopped 1/4 way through and surveyed how many prawns we had peeled. 
We counted how many prawns were there in the pot. 
There was close to 40-ish. 
Very value for money if you think about it, but you definitely need 4 pax to order this dish. 

We even ran out of space to dump the shells. The wait staff had to give us another bucket. 

Up to a certain point, I'm just eating because the prawns died for me and so they must not be wasted. 
As proof that we have eaten every single bit and how absolutely stuffed we were, here is a picture of our empty bucket and the butter knife standing inside as a gauge of how ridiculously deep the food bucket was. 

We swore never to have prawns again for the rest of the trip, and also probably not any for the rest of the year. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$$
Thumbs Up: SO MUCH PRAWNS. Service was excellent. 
To Improve: Maybe put a note next to dishes that require more than 2pax to eat. 
Will I return: Yes
Why: The pasta is really good, but no more prawn boil for me. Nearly died. Definitely value for money though. 

Crab and Claw (Siam Paragon)
G/F, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train:BTS Siam

Opening Hours:daily 10am-10pm

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Kohaku Tendon at Suntec City

Kohaku Tendon is a fairly new establishment at Suntec City, part of the group of Japanese restaurants at EAT AT SEVEN. Kohaku specialises in Edomae Tendon, where bowls of piping hot Hokkaido rice is piled with tempura, which is then drizzled in a specially made sauce. 

Ordering is fairly straightforward. 

Basically you decide if you want:
1. Original Meat or Veg
2. Spicy Meat or Veg

They have the signature Kohaku Tendon ($15), Vegetable Tendon ($14), Spicy Flavour ($15) and Vegetable Spicy Flavour ($14).

If you are extremely hungry, a set meal comes with an additional bowl of udon, which costs $4.50 more. But a small eater will not require this option, because the rice bowl is already too much to inhale. 


The portion was extremely generous, so it's definitely value for money!  The original Kohaku tendon bowl was topped with ingredients from pumpkin, long beans, mushroom, chicken breast, squid, crab stick, baby corn, and shrimp. The rice is fragrant and fluffy, a tag on the counter indicated that the rice used is imported from Hokkaido. 


The Vegetable Tendon is essentially the same but without meat and has more vegetables. There is free flow pickled radish and cabbage on every table for you to eat in between mouthfuls of tendon, to get rid of the cloying feeling. 
All in all, a very satisfying meal indeed. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: The food is good and not as oily. Slightly better ventilation but still needs work.
To Improve:  The massive queue is so off-putting but no fault of theirs hahaha. Free-flow pickled radish and cabbage maybe? To cleanse the jelat-ness of oily food. 
Will I return: Yes

Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら 琥珀
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-310/311 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Contact: +65 6333 4386
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-10pm

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Les Patisseries @ Upper Thomson Road

Les Patisseries is a cafe that I've recently discovered in a more obscure part of Upper Thomson that serves the most awesome food. I love the chill vibes of that place and the quality of the food served. 


When you think of truffle fries at Upper Thomson, people usually think of Habitat Cafe first. Or Pacamara down the road. But I can officially say Les Patisseries has truffle fries to rival the two above mentioned cafes. Fragrant, crispy and addictive, with a touch of sea salt and furikake. 
Very ingenious and very delicious. 


Aglio Olio is the most basic od pasta dishes but I have to say Les Patisseries really executes it extremely well. Lots of fragrant mushrooms and bacon bits, this was one of the better aglio olios I have tasted in Singapore. 


This is my all-time favourite pasta. I did not expect it to become my all-time favourite but it did. I usually shy away from cream pastas because jelat. But this is tomato cream with crab! I took a leap of faith and there were no regrets at all. No regrets. Creamy, tangy, and chunks of sweet crab. It was amazing. And no, not cloying or jelat at all! 

Sadly, they took this off the menu and I'm not a fan of the new menu, the older menu seemed much more exciting and interesting. The Truffle Fries and Aglio Olio is still on the menu, so fret not! On the other hand I am crossing my fingers they bring this back. If not I think I shall be heading elsewhere, possibly Poco Loco to try out their version of the Al Granchio.  

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4.5/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Awesome food 
To Improve: Bring back the Al Granchio! 
Will I return: Yes

Les Patisseries

222 Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574354 
Contact: +65 9744 0504 

Monday & Tuesday (Desserts only) 10am - 6pm 
Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 10pm

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Thong Lor - Thai Food @ Djitsu Ang Mo Kio

I saw this fairly new Thai establishment at Djitsun Ang Mo Kio and decided to skip my favourite hawker center behind for this restaurant. They serve a myraid of Thai food and also Thai mookata. 
Seeing how my favourite neighbourhood Thai food place is Nakhon, I was excited to see if I can add another jaunt to my list. 


This looks so promising but... 

Massive case of shrinkage here.
While it has a slightly interesting smoky flavour, the size of the chicken is SMALL UNTIL I CANNOT.


Both come with 4 pieces of chicken BUT look at the huge discrepancy in size. Obviously you can get more value for money at Nakhon,(and they also taste fab) which is now available almost everywhere. 


I was looking forward to this but sadly this has no kick. I also prefer the chicken to be in chunks rather than a whole drumstick, it's rather hard to eat the chicken with the curry while having to debone it. This curry is also too watery for my liking. Sadly I also prefer the version at Nakhon, packs more heat, is of thicker consistency and feels more shiok. The saddest thing is my in-law's maid can make an even better green curry than Thonglor's watered down version. Time to up your game man,


This was one of the better olive fried rice I've had recently, but somehow the prawns tasted a little undercooked. If not for the undercooked prawns, I would say this olive fried rice is a little above Nakhon's standard. More refined and this definitely makes you think of Thailand.

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Olive fried rice was good.
To Improve: Green curry is too watery. That pandan chicken portion is pathetically small.  
Will I return: No
Why: I think Nakhon has better tasting food at lower prices. 

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Poco Loco - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Italian

When I heard that Poco Loco is an Italian restaurant that's situated in the heartland area of Ang Mo Kio, I jumped at the chance to visit them. I love Italian food and sometimes you just can't be bothered to dress up nicely and travel to town just for some Italian food. Poco Loco solved the problem for you! Now you can shuffle down in your just-woke-up hair and nua shirt for some conmfort Italian food! 

deep fried squid with spicy tomato sauce

Calamari was springy and fresh, the batter was decent - light and and crunchy. It could do with a bit more seasoning to enhance the flavours though. The spicy tomato sauce was pretty alright, but could do with more sauce. Overall this is pretty value-for-money. 

clams in white wine 

So hard to find a plce that can do a good vongole, so I decided to give this a try. Flavour wise, they got it. I feel that if there's more sauce it would be even better, There were lots of clams so clam lovers can rejoice! Very value for money dish, it was quite a big portion! 

MANZO ( 12.00 )
pasta with beef in truffle cream sauce
The Manzo sounds very atas, and it does look quite atas too. Chunks of beef lathered in truffle cream sauce, people who love cream pasta but dislike those heavy cream jelat type can give this a try. This is a comparatively lighter version of cream pasta and it gives off a very rich and fragrant aroma. This dish is a delight to slurp up.

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Price point! No GST and service charge too. 
To Improve:  Food needs to be a touch more refined. 
Will I return: Yes
Why: For this price and quality, WHERE TO FIND!! Value for money Italian food! 

Poco Loco
408 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-779
Singapore 560408
Operating Hours
12pm - 3pm
6pm - 10pm

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Tonkichi - Tonkatsu With A View

I've long heard about Tonkichi and have always wanted to try it. 
Not sure why I never got down to it til recently. 
If you use the JPassport app for food discounts and deals, you'll notice they offer some promotions from time to time. 

That is the story of how I ended up at Tonkichi for an early dinner. 


When I saw that they have Mentaiko, I decided I must try it. 
After I had Tampopo's version of mentaiko tonkatsu, I decide I should try this to see who does it better. 
There is alot of mentaiko stuffed between the fillet, which is quite satisfying I must say. The tonkatsu is crispy, juicy, everything a tonkatsu should be. 

The set meal comes with refillable rice and cabbage, miso soup, pickles, and fruit. 
My only gripe is their sesame salad dressing is meh. No body or fragrance whatsoever. 
Saboten has a much delicious salad dressing in comparison. 
There is also no fresh sesame for you to grind and pair with the tonkatsu sauce. 


I was quite impressed with this dish, despite being drenched in this special soy sauce and coated with egg, the tonkatsu remained super cripsy all the way til the end! 
It was flavourful, cripsy, egg, meaty. 
Eveything a good Katsu Toji should be. 

Overall I think Tonkichi did a decent job, but I think it's not as mindblowingly good as their reputation seems to suggest. Off the top of my head I can list a couple of my favourite tonkatsu places that can probably do an equally good, if not better job than Tonkichi. 

But they do have an awesome view overlooking Center Point and I love the atmosphere, a good choice for dates. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price Point: $$$
Thumbs Up: Great atmosphere, impeccable service
To Improve:  That sesame dressing was super uninspiring 
Will I return: Possibly
Why: The food is not mindblowing, but its good enough and the window seat is awesome

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Ah Bong's Italian - Affordable Sincere Italian Food

I've heard about Ah Bong's on the grape vine for a while and being the Italian food lover, of course I must visit! They change their menu everyday and come up with some new dish every other day, so this is good for the average diner who craves excitement in their food. 

I went to their Tiong Bahru branch first and was so blown away that I repeatedly went back to their Tan Quee Lan branch after that. 

roasted broccoli pesto, black pig bacon, chilli

This is like crack. 
Love the old school plates, and super love this mildly spicy pesto. 
I love penne because of the texture, and I think the pesto went perfectly with it. 
There's a kinda smoky, spicy, creamy flavour to it that not only is it extremely pleasing, it also tempts you back for more. 

black pig bacon, mushrooms, truffle oil 

So cheesy, though the cheese lovers could argue that there could be even more cheese! 
The skinny pasta provided a good bite and my dining partner enjoyed this dish very much. 

crab, mushroom, cheese sauce

The chefs at Ah Bong's are never stingy with their cheese, and whatever liao they decide to put in the pasta. It's actually a fairly big portion so you can consider sharing, so as to make space for more sio bak and other to-share dishes! 

orecchiette, phuay leng, mushroom, chorizo

This is a very pleasing dish, the phuay leng adding a touch of local uniqueness to the dish while also lending a lighter flavour to complement the chorizo. I also love this type of pasta! 

PESTO  $12
basil pesto, shitake, pine nuts

This Pesto is so slurpingly good, the pine nuts were extremely fragrant. 
There was a generous amount of shitake mushroom slices inside, all coated with creamy pesto. 
Their pesto is made fresh everyday so if you love pesto, grab it when it's on the menu!

(only available at Tan Quee Lan)

This is on their To Share menu at their new branch at TQL. 
It usually goes for $12 but I got it at $10 because they accidentally burnt it a little. 
Sio bak is sio bak, Burnt or not, I'll take whatever I can get. 

This is pretty delicious , crispy crackly skin with juicy meat. 
It's practically singing in my mouth! Would be even more perfect if there's mustard to go with it. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Fresh food, ever changing menu and sincere service
To Improve:  Offer mustard for sio bak? 
Will I return: YES!
Why: SIO BAK! and that super addictive Birthday Pasta! 

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